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Lending Team

April Long April Long
Assistant Vice President, Main Office
(434) 292-8100 
Kay Baughan Kay Baughan
Vice President, Crewe
(434) 645-7125 
Gloria Robertson Gloria Robertson
Assistant Vice President, Shopping Center
(434) 292-7205 
Michelle Fulford Michelle Fulford
Assistant Vice President, Burkeville
(434) 767-5534 
Bill Collins Bill Collins
Vice President, Blackstone
(434) 292-8100
Robin Gough Robin Gough
Vice President, Amelia
(804) 561-3939 
Cetric Gayles Cetric Gayles
Senior Vice President, Blackstone
(434) 292-8100
Mary Bishop Mary Bishop
Vice President, South Hill
(434) 447-7718
Taylor Quicke Taylor Quicke
Vice President, Blackstone & Farmville
(434) 292-8100
Kim Gerner Kim Gerner
Vice President, Colonial Heights
(804) 520-1101  
Rhonda Arnold Rhonda Arnold
Assistant Vice President, Farmville South
(434) 392-7633 
Ward Shelton Ward Shelton
Vice President, Chester
(804) 751-0909
Mitch Lynn


Mitch Lynn
Vice President, Blackstone & South Hill
(434) 292-8100


Elliott Fausz Elliott Fausz
Business Development Officer, Chester
(804) 751-0909
Jimmy Keller


Jimmy Keller
Vice President, Powhatan
(804) 372-9862


Online Banking

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