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Lending Team

Rhonda Arnold headshot
Rhonda Arnold
Vice President, Farmville South

(434) 392-7633

NMLS# 631675
Kay Baughan headshot

Kay Baughan
Vice President, Crewe

(434) 645-7125

NMLS# 631676

Mary Bishop headshot

Mary Bishop
Vice President, Blackstone

(434) 292-8100

NMLS# 631679

Bill Collins headshot

Bill Collins
Vice President, Blackstone & Farmville

(434) 292-8100

NMLS# 631682

Joanna Furr Headshot

Joanna Furr
Assistant Vice President, Colonial Heights & Chester

(804) 520-1101

NMLS# 816671

Cetric Gayles headshot

Cetric Gayles
Executive Vice President, Blackstone

(434) 292-8100

NMLS# 631684

Robin Gough headshot

Robin Gough
Vice President, Amelia

(804) 561-3939

NMLS# 631687

Crystal Howell headshot

Crystal Howell 
Sr. Business Development | Mortgage Lender, Goochland

(804) 657-1037

NMLS# 572982

Jimmy Keller headshot

Jimmy Keller
Vice President, Powhatan

(804) 372-9862

NMLS# 730182

April Long Headshot

April Long
Assistant Vice President, Main Office

(434) 292-8100

NMLS# 1341430 

Mitch Lynn headshot

Mitch Lynn
Vice President, Blackstone & South Hill

(434) 292-8100

NMLS# 724159

Brittany Madison headshot
Brittany Madison 
Branch Manager, Powhatan
(804) 372-9862

NMLS# 1925129
Amy Taylor Headshot
Amy Taylor 
Assistant Vice President, Blackstone
(434) 292-8100

NMLS# 2488399
Ward Shelton headshot

Ward Shelton
Vice President, Chester

(804) 751-0909

NMLS# 631692

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