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Debit Cards

The CB&T Visa® Debit Card...

convenience in your wallet.

Protecting you from fraud while providing you an amazing debit card experience is our top priority.

  • 24-hour banking
  • No annual fee
  • Supports Mobile Wallet Services
  • Enhanced Security Chip for greater security at chip-enabled terminals
  • Card control with SecurLock Equip
  • Fraud monitoring system
  • Free Mobile Text Alerts
Rest assured, the security of your accounts and identity is a top priority at CB&T, and we’ll act quickly to protect you.

If your card has been compromised, please notify us as soon as possible.

For lost or stolen cards please call 1-800-550-1873 or 1-800-500-1044.

Mobile Debit Card alerts allow you to receive a SMS Text Message on your mobile phone when a transaction is made with your debit card. It’s easy to set up and offered to all CB&T debit card holders at no additional cost.

To sign up for Mobile Text Alerts, contact your local branch or submit your request below.


SecurLOCK Equip is a mobile app that provides a simple secure way to manage and monitor your payment and transaction activity. Best of all, it's offered to all CB&T debit card holders at no additional cost!

Left your card at the store? Lock it and contact us to order a new one.

Shopping around the neighborhood? Set the card to work only where you are.

Providing a card to your college-bound child? Receive alerts and monitor their spending.

With the SecurLOCK Equip app, you have the ability to control how and when your CB&T debit card is used. Use the app to:

  • Turn your card(s) on and off in real-time
  • Control where your debit card can be used through your phone's GPS services or by selecting authorized zip codes
  • Control the types of merchants where your card can be used, such as in-store or online
  • Receive instant push notification alerts on your phone when your debit card is used

Keeping your card(s) safe is now easier than ever. Download the SecurLOCK Equip app today.
Turn your smartphone into a mobile wallet and enjoy a fast and secure payment option at your favorite shops and online retailers. Quickly and securely add your card information to your supported device and then make payments at retailers nationwide with just your phone.

When making a purchase at a supported merchant location, simply hold your phone near the card reader, authenticate the transaction by following the prompts on the phone's screen, and complete your purchase. 

  • When you add your card information to your phone, it is replaced with a unique encrypted account number.
  • Each transaction is securely authenticated with your fingerprint, your face, or your device passcode.
  • Your card and authentication information are never shared with the merchant or transmitted with the payment.
  • If your device is lost or the merchant's systems are compromised, your actual card information will be safe.
To set up Mobile Wallet, use the guides below to securely enter your card information into your phone. 

Are you concerned about a merchant charge to your debit card?

If you see a charge you don’t recognize and think it may be fraud, here is a quick way to resolve your concerns:

  1. Review the details of the charge. - Review transaction details on your account such as the merchant’s name, phone number and your past activity with the merchant.
  1. Contact your local CB&T branch - Please contact us to make us aware of the transactions that are in question. 
  1. Contact the merchant - Merchants can resolve charge errors within a few days, where it can sometimes take banks several weeks. As a reminder, keep track of the date you contacted the merchant and any additional information they provide. Let us know of any updates or resolutions you receive from the merchant.

Fraudulent Charge VS. Charge Error

Fraud Dispute:  A transaction you (or anyone authorized on your account) did not authorize. You have confirmed that:

  • This charge was not made by another authorized user on your account.
  • You have not authorized anyone else to use your card.
  • You have reviewed the transaction detail keeping in mind some merchants use a different name or address for billing purposes and still don’t recognize it.

Charge Error/Non-fraud dispute: A transaction you authorized but had an issue with, such as:

  • A recurring transaction or trial subscription you cancelled.
  • A one-time purchase you returned or cancelled, and you have not received credit for.
  • A charge higher than the amount on your receipt.
  • A product or service you received and are dissatisfied with.
  • A charge that you paid for by cash or a different card.
  • A duplicate charge for the same transaction.

Take your CB&T Visa Debit Card where you go and travel with peace of mind.

Notify Citizens Bank & Trust Company of your travel plans before you leave, and use your debit card without worry – no matter where you go. To notify us, please notify your local branch or contact us at 1-800-550-1873.


  • Help protect your account from fraud
  • Provide yourself a more secure option than carrying cash
  • Aid in avoiding account disruptions
Debit card approvals depend on the available balance in your linked checking or savings account . That is unless you try to make an unusually large purchase that exceeds your daily spending limit and the transaction is denied regardless of your bank balance.
If you foresee a need to make a large debit card purchase, contact your local branch to discuss the planned purchase and we will temporarily increase your debit card limit.

With our enhanced fraud protection services, your debit card activity is monitored 24 | 7 | 365, and when a transaction is attempted that is outside of your normal activity, we provide text alerts. This added protection to your debit card is automatic and text message alerts are free.

Be sure to save this number to your contacts so you don’t miss any alerts.

Text message alerts from: 86975

If you receive a text alert, reply Yes or No to confirm or deny the activity.
  • If you reply No (the activity is fraudulent) - we’ll automatically block your debit card to prevent any additional fraudulent activity.
  • If you reply Yes (the activity was legitimate) - you can continue to use your debit card as normal.
  • If you don’t reply to the text, or your phone number is not a mobile number - we’ll attempt to reach you via automated voice call.

Updated Contact Information:
To ensure we can reach you promptly if fraudulent activity is suspected, please be sure we have your current contact information on file including phone number(s), address, and email address.

PLEASE NOTE: Citizens Bank & Trust Company will never ask you to provide us with a social security number, card number or account number through a text message or email.

using computer


Enroll today to access account statements anytime, anywhere with internet access. They are fast, simple, and environmentally conscious.
  • Convenient: Securely access your account statements on the go.
  • Green: You are extending the life of our natural resources.
  • Fast: You may access statements several days sooner than receiving a mailed statement.